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September 6, 2017 by simpilates

Goodbye Hot Summer Days, Hello Beautiful Fall.

My summer has been a whirlwind of adventure, learning, travel and fun. My heart is full. Their have been many lessons with the purchase of the home we are remodeling. Having to make decisions on everything from floors, paint and new kitchen sinks. Navigating balance with my husband that sees things from a contractors eye to my need for design and visual beauty.
Isn’t that what life is all about finding that balance, accepting change, being flexible and willing to look at situations with fresh eyes and an open heart. We sometimes find ourselves bored and crave adventure and change, some of us may need certainty and dislike change. Whenever we are confronted with change these feelings show up. We all operate from different values and beliefs.
This summer has taught be many things about who I am in my gut, what I am willing to have flexibility with and what I need to stand my ground on. I have discovered my need to make others happy is important to me, yet I have to make sure I honor my beliefs as well. As I look back I am grateful for summer. Amazing adventures, vacations with family, learning and growing. Tony Robbins Leadership Academy was amazing and full of love, learning, fun, and new friendships. A new beginning with the purchase of a new home that is pushing me to grow in ways I had no idea. Such as downsizing my life and all the things I thought were important enough to hold on too. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow, to stretch, to integrate new tools with action, to walk my talk, to live authentic with no bullshit. In the end with the goal to live more empowered to serve my clients from love. Below we talk about feet, the importance of grounding and aligning. In Pilates, like in life, we need to anchor and align to find balance and strength. Start your day with gratitude for your body and your life, some form of retrospective time wether prayer, meditation or journaling. Move your body and feed it nutritious foods.

See you at the studio.
Happy September !

Your feet: the most important body part in Pilates?

Our feet are what make it possible for us to move through the world and ground us firmly to the earth. They are critical in our efforts to avoid injury and yet are often overlooked in our wellness routines. Our feet say a lot about the general condition of our bodies: they show signs of alignment troubles; they tell stories of years of poor shoe choices; indicate circulation issues and vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and much more. With so much riding on them (literally and figuratively), it is surprising that we don’t pay closer attention to them. In fact, I could make a strong argument that they are the most critical point of the body.
Pilates devotes a great deal of time to strengthening the foot and improving the range of motion of its joints.  Pilates teachers are vigilant about the position of the foot—and for good reason.  Joseph Pilates, a stickler for countless details and aspects of the human body, created devices specifically for the feet.
The foot corrector (shown here) is still commonly found in Pilates studios, including Bloom. It is a simple tool that can shed light on a number of alignment issues and address weaknesses in the foot. With it, we learn to press evenly through the foot (especially across all five toes) while maintaining the integrity of the knee’s and hip’s alignment. It can also help release tension in the fascia—the thick connective tissue lining the bottom of the foot that can cause excruciating pain when overworked. good reason. A poorly aligned foot sends a wave of misalignment up the chain into the knee, hip and lower back.



From standing on the kitchen floor to sitting in a chair, this foot exercise feels so nice and can be a gentle way to get more movement into stiff feet and ankles.

  • Sit up with the feet on a towel on the floor or a box, feet together, knees together.
  • Press feet firmly into the towel and open up the toes into a v-shape with the feet.
  • Lift up the toes and front part of the foot as much as possible.
  • Bring feet together and then put them back down onto the towel. Repeat 3x.
  • Reverse: Lift toes and front of foot up together, open to the v-shape, place the feet down in the v-shape, press onto the towel and drag feet together to the starting position.

Note: when dragging the feet together, the towel may get crumpled.


  • Sit up with the feet on a towel on the floor or a box, feet about hip-width apart in parallel.
  • Lift up the toes and front of foot spreading all the toes wide.
  • Grab the towel with your toes and pull it down and towards you (you are attempting to pull and gather up the towel underneath your feet).

Note: If you cannot actually pick up the towel itself and move it, not to worry. It’s the trying that counts. You are essentially trying to make a little “fist” with your toes.

  • Once you let go of the towel, spread the toes wide again and repeat 3-5x.
  • Reverse: Curl the toes under in your little “fist” and push the towel away.
  • Lift up the toes and spread them wide. Repeat 3-5x.

You are gathering the towel towards you and then pushing it all away again on the reverse.
Try out the above exercises on your own body. In this manner, you’ll feel their effects and challenges for yourself firsthand.  Take a moment to realize just how tough these exercises can be to do properly and give yourself props for trying!

Not Just a Lifeless Lump of Concrete

Instead of thinking of the foot as a foundation – think of it as a super smart extension of your brain that is constantly adapting to the terrain and sending your brain signals about where you are in space. In addition, when you are walking every muscle and joint in your foot is sending signals to and coordinating with every muscle chain and reflex center in the rest of your body to help you achieve your movement or balance goal. The foot is a very active part of your overall balance system working with you inner ear, brain, and your whole musculoskeletal system. In addition, your foot is tied into the tone and activity of your pelvic floor muscles and the tone of your core and respiratory function. As you can see – when your feet are working well they are an amazing addition to your overall health, longevity, core toning, and injury prevention systems.


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The Easiest Pumpkin Soup Recipe Ever

This creamy bisque is ready in 5 minutes and tastes like fall in a bowl.

It’s 4 p.m. and you’re thinking: What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?! We’ve all been there. And that’s why I’m going to share my top-secret Easiest-Ever Pumpkin Soup recipe with you.

This simple, comforting meal is a real lifesaver when you’re short on time (or feeling lazy) — it’s ready in five minutes and a hundred times tastier than soup from a can. Forget any chopping or blending: Just warm grated onions in olive oil, then mix in pumpkin puree, chicken broth, spices and a little cream until it simmers. That’s it! If you don’t want to use cream, feel free to swap in half-and-half or a little greek yogurt at the very end (add it off of the heat, so it doesn’t curdle).

If you have a spare minute and feel like getting snazzy, top the soup with parsley and freshly ground pepper. Or toss in a handful of packaged croutons or sprinkle on some pumpkin seeds. In fact, top this soup with whatever you want! Bacon? Snipped Chives? Toasted walnuts? It’s your easy dinner, you decide.

Here’s how you make it!

Easiest Ever Pumpkin Soup

SERVES: 4 (8 cups total)

1 medium onion, grated on a box grater

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 (29-oz.) can pure pumpkin

2 (14.5-oz.) cans chicken broth (or 4 cups)

1/2 cup heavy cream

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

3/4 teaspoon salt

  1. Heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook, stirring, 3 minutes or until soft.
  2. Stir in the pure pumpkin, chicken broth, cream, pumpkin pie spice, and salt and cook, stirring occasionally, 3 minutes or until soup simmers.
  3. Ladle into bowls and top as desired. Store leftover soup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.




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