New Beginnings – August Newsletter

August 2, 2017 by simpilates

New Beginnings

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My trip to the Florida Keys was a wonderful mix of catching up with my Florida family and spending time with my mom, daughter, nieces, nephews, sister and aunt. But you know me, I was able to take a few days of alone time and indulge in massages and beach time. And oh lets not forget the husband! We had some “couple time” too. As you can see I killed two birds with one stone, as the saying goes LOL.

And that was that, but now…..I am home starting a brand new beginning in our lives as we are moving from the home we raised our kids in and have been for 21 years. Yep, you heard me right. We are selling the “Big Ole Family” home and moving into a smaller “Fixer Upper” on an acre of land. To put it mildly, we have a lot of work ahead of us. But in the end both my husband and I get our little oasis in the desert.

At the present moment I am cleaning out and removing the clutter to sell my house. Time to part with all the things I have been holding on to for far too long. I see it this way….here is my chance friends to let go, to let go of control, to prove to myself that I don’t need all that stuff. And yes, it’s extremely cool and scary at the same time.

But, I am grateful I am having this opportunity to start fresh. I am having a ball picking new floors, appliances for a new kitchen etc, finally getting to play with pinterest for some awesome ideas. Sounds great right. What I am finding is, I am some what scared of change, scared to go through the process. I walk around my old house and realize its time to say goodbye. I feel sad, anxious, excited, and overwhelmed all at once. Where do I begin, 21 years of collecting things, holding on to those baby clothes when my kids were young, books, school projects, to much clothes, purses, shoes etc.

This summer has definitely proven to be more exciting then I anticipated. Hell the most excitement we’ve had in a while. So I am grateful for the opportunity to start fresh, to downsize, to let go, and say goodbye to old memories. The plus, I get to design my house with fresh new ideas. So as a say goodbye to the old, I welcome the new.

My husband and I have a purpose again, and let me tell you it has done wonders to our marriage. My husband said to me the other day, “babe I feel 10 years younger”. Ladies, I have been married for 34 years, when my man feels younger and is happier, there is a lot more action happening in the bedroom. I will leave you with that!

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Live, Love & Do Pilates!



Olympians Cross Train with Pilates

Are you not into sports? Do you ever make an exception to watch the Olympics? Despite the general lack of enthusiasm for some televised sports, there is an incredible appreciation for athletes and the amount of training it takes to become exceptional at a sport. And, let’s be honest – one reason to tune in is because the athletes are extremely easy on the eyes and have amazing strong bodies. Especially the swimmers. And the divers. And the track stars. Actually, every sport physique fascinates me because it shows how muscles need to develop to do an action. And, I still can’t understand how some bodies do some actions. It’s hard to understand how one can make the impossible possible. I looked it up, and it’s fascinating!

One thing that you’ll notice about the Olympians (other than their fantastic physiques) is that they are big on cross-training. Did you know many of them are using Pilates?

• Track star Lolo Jones says she practices Pilates to not only improve strength and flexibility, but also to hone her focus and concentration, two skills that are critical in short distance running events. Jones also takes advantage of the rehabilitative aspects of Pilates to help reduce the toll that repetitive running and hurdling have on her body. She has called Pilates the ideal training regimen.

• British track cyclist Victoria Pendleton credits Pilates with helping her relieve sports-related injuries and back pain. Bikers spend hours hunched over handlebars, which can lead to pain in the lower lumbar spine. “I’ve been doing Pilates for more than a year, and for me, it’s been a real breakthrough in managing back pain and building my postural muscles.” – Victoria Pendleton

• Three-time gold medalists Kerri Walsh and Misty May Treanor swear by Pilates workouts to train for high intensity volleyball matches. The say they rely on Pilates to maintain core strength (Kerri loves the Hundred!), and also focus on exercises to help them expand their long reaches and flexibility training so they can safely dive for the ball. And, both Walsh and her teammate Misty May Treanor credit Pilates for helping them stay in shape during their pregnancies! “Pilates gives you such great body awareness. When I got pregnant, I really got into Pilates because I wanted to fix all my asymmetries …I have a new body because of it.” – Kerri Walsh

And those are just a few. Diver Nick McCory, tennis legends Roger Federer and Serena Williams, and track star Bershawn Jackson all incorporate Pilates into their training regimen to gain strength and improve their balance, stability, and flexibility.


The lunchtime sandwich may be as American as the flag itself, but let’s face it: Slapping the same smears onto bread — day after day, week after week — can leave kids and parents a little bored.

Here are 10 ideas for sandwich-free lunches that take cues from home and abroad. Test drive them all with your little eaters (or yourself!) to find new, interesting lunch box variations that keep everyone’s appetites healthy. To pick which one you should start with, play our video recipe roulette. Simply hit pause whenever you like and let the universe choose for you.



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